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Four reasons to attend a trade show

Meet decision-makers

According to Exhibit Surveys, in 2021, 80% of trade show visitors had ′′the power to recommend or make final purchase decisions′′. In addition, 31% of visitors claimed that ′′their purchase intention was stronger after visiting the trade show′′.

Improve sales productivity

According to the French Statistical Audit Bureau for General and Specialized Fairs and Exhibitions (OJS), customer contact at a trade show is ′′four to ten times less expensive than a customer visit′′. Contact cost for an exhibit averages at about $20, whereas this contact ranges from $80 to $200 when made during field visits. Furthermore, a sales rep will meet with 15 customers daily at a trade show vs. an average of three customers during a field visit.

Explore prospects

Trade shows hold a wealth of opportunities and present many ′′hot′′ receptive prospects because visitors attend shows on their own accord. This makes it an incredibly effective way for exhibitors to expand their customer base.

Communicate with the press and opinion leaders

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