Panoramic C-Line for Custom Trade Show Display

Welcome to Panoramic Displays, where we proudly manufacture and sell the perfect custom trade show booth and display for your next exposition or event. A premium quality custom trade show display has the power to truly take your business's branding to the next level. Each custom exhibit features unparalleled graphics, with a seamless, panoramic display uninterrupted by clunky metal frames. With dye-sublimation printed fabric, your branding takes center stage, creating a striking visual impact for visitors and passersby to your exhibitor booth.
A major benefit of our innovative custom exhibit booths is their superior sustainability. Each modular frame is comprised of 100% recyclable aluminum, our innovative dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics are free of any solvents, and their low weight-volume ratio significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Our modular systems are also easy to set up with an intuitive design requiring no technical expertise or knowledge. Each configuration is pre-assembled, with the covers already attached to the aluminum profiles and molded parts. Effortlessly assemble each custom vendor booth without the use of tools with a bracket that becomes invisible after setup.
At Panoramic Displays, we are custom trade show booth manufacturers that are passionate about making your business stand out and succeed. With unique features that are sure to catch the eye of passersby, including curved elements, beautiful lightboxes and multi-functional counters, we help you create a custom trade show booth design that will exceed all of your expectations. Learn more about our c-line configurations and contact us today to get started.

Customized Panoramic Displays With Endless Design Possibilities

Creating exhibits that look this good has never been easier.

Step away from the world of standard, generic trade show booths that all of your competitors are already using. Discover our custom exhibit booths, designed to outshine other modular systems with unique, customizable features such as striking backlit walls, interactive elements and unique configuration styles that are sure to catch the attention of potential customers at your next event. With a custom trade show exhibit, total creative freedom is in your hands. We can help you design an event set up that is perfectly tailored to your specific business needs and preferences.

Custom Trade Show Booth Sizes With Panoramic Displays

20x20 Trade Show Booth

Our 20x20 trade show booth display option provides a slightly more compact exhibition style that still manages to pack a striking visual punch with small dimensions. Our 20x20 booth size is ideal for brands looking to design a smaller exhibition space without compromising on exceptional visual elements that will allow you to stand out from competitors.
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20x30 Trade Show Booth

Design a truly unmissable custom trade show display with our 20x30 trade show booth that is completely customizable to suit the needs of your unique business. Maximize your configuration with elements that will make your brand stand out in a sea of generic booths, from stunning lightboxes, portable counters and so much more.
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How Can A Customized Booth Help Exhibitors Stand Out At Events?

As trade show booth builders, we understand that the perfect custom trade show exhibit can be a powerful tool for standing out at trade shows and other events. Discover the numerous ways in which a customized booth can have a meaningful impact for your business:

Unique Design and Consistent Branding

A custom trade show booth grants you the creative freedom of creating a unique and memorable design that aligns with your brand. Stand out from competitors who may alternatively be using generic or standard booth designs.

Tailored Layout

Design your own unique booth layout that optimizes traffic flow and customer engagement. This could include strategies such as tactically placed product displays, interactive areas and specialized elements, and dedicated meeting spaces.

High-Quality Materials

Our innovative custom exhibit booths use high-quality materials and finishes to convey both professionalism and durability to potential customers and clients. This helps to develop your reputation as a trustworthy and established brand.



Our custom booths are designed to be exceptionally versatile, allowing for versatility for different exhibitions, events and other purposes. We sell custom, reusable modular systems, and this flexibility can help save you money in the long run.

Networking Opportunities

A well-designed customized booth solidifies your reputation within your industry. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for networking opportunities, allowing you to effectively build relationships with potential clients, partners, and industry peers.

Why Choose Panoramic Displays C-Line Custom Trade Show Booths For Your Upcoming Expo?

With Panoramic Displays' c-line collection, you can unlock a new and unique way to display and present your brand to potential customers. Discover the unmatched visual impact of our fabric graphics and curate a set up that is designed to turn heads. With an easily portable system that packs neatly into convenient stackable transport crates by module, reduce your logistics costs. Our unique display booths use up to 40% fewer parts in comparison to identical configurations created with other modular systems. With a wide range of trade show booth sizes, you can create an exhibitor booth that speaks to your unique brand and fits your specific needs and preferences.

If you are looking for the perfect custom vendor booth or addition to your existing exhibition set up, Panoramic Displays is your go-to solution. We are proud to offer the best custom trade show booth design options on the market, and we make it easier than ever to personalize your business's trade show display to suit your unique branding, allowing you to better connect with potential customers and clients. With stunning, high-definition graphics, convenient portability features, and intuitive set-up and take down, a custom trade show booth design from our collection is truly ideal. Discover Panoramic Displays, and discover a new way to exhibit.
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Customized Panoramic displays with endless design possibilities.


  • Customized booths that make no concessions on design.
  • Increase your impact with a display that is custom tailored to your corporate image and branding.
  • Bring your ideas to life with Panoramic C-line featuring backlit walls, curved elements, incorporation of custom wood-worked booth components and display heights up to 16’.
  • Professional assistance for set-up and dismantle recommended.
With Panoramic C-line, strong images and graphic creativity result in a custom exhibit with increased visual impact.
Not just for trade shows, Panoramic C-line can be incorporated into retail displays and showroom environments.
Below is just a small sampling of the configuration possibilities available using Panoramic H-line. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to create a custom configuration that meets your specific display needs and budget.


Includes structure, graphics, (x9) LED lights, (x1) lightbox and packaging. Carpet & furniture not included.



Booth Size: 20’ x 20’


Counter PC-02


Includes structure, graphics, (x7) LED lights, (x4) double-sided totem lightboxes, (x1) double-sided L-shaped lightbox wall, (x1) lit canopy and packaging. Carpet & furniture not included.



Booth Size: 20’ x 20’


Includes structure, graphics, (x7) LED lights, double-sided lightbox and packaging. Carpet & furniture not included.



Booth Size: 20’ x 20’


Includes structure, graphics, (x2) double-sided L-shaped lightbox walls and packaging. Carpet and furniture not included.



Booth Size: 20’ x 30’


Counter PC-02

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