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Discover the stunning clarity and impact of panoLED LED display wall solutions with Panoramic Displays. These video wall display panels feature a sleek, minimalist design with large-format, high-definition LED screens that offer vivid colors and detailed images. The seamless integration of panels ensures a continuous, uninterrupted visual experience that captivates viewers and distinguishes your brand at any event. The panoLED video walls are a perfect solution for companies looking to make an outstanding visionary impact at trade shows or industry events by augmenting the multimedia status of their tradeshow booths and displays.

Our customizable LED display systems are designed for effortless setup, requiring no technical skills and can be assembled in less than an hour without tools by one or two people. Each module connects easily, allowing for limitless custom configurations suited for large spaces. These configurations maintain their integrity during transport and storage, as they can be securely packed in custom crates, making the panoLED commercial LED display screen a sustainable solution for long-term use.

Explore the versatility of panoLED and discover innovative, flexible solutions for your exhibition needs. Create a memorable visual display that resonates with your audience and enhances your presence at trade shows and events with a large LED display that is sure to stop any passerby in their tracks.

Key Features of panoLED Video Wall Displays

Modular Design

The innovative modular LED video wall display allows for completely customizable configurations, allowing for full integration into any event space regardless of your unique design requirements.

High-Definition LED Technology

If you're looking for a commercial LED display screen that delivers eye-catching, vibrant colors and clear, high resolution images for an unmatched visual impact, panoLED is your answer.

High-Quality Display

The panoLED LED panels for video wall displays are designed to deliver an unparalleled visual experience, including high brightness, enhanced resolution and superior color accuracy.

Portable and Lightweight

Panoramic Displays' panoLED is thoughtfully designed to be both portable and lightweight, ensuring easy transport and quick set-up to facilitate use of this digital LED screen at various events.


Finding commercial LED screens that deliver both in terms of quality and energy efficiency can be tricky, but not with panoLED. The LED panels consume less power for an environmentally friendly option.


The panoLED LED screen panels are designed and constructed to perform with exceptional durability, so you can use them for various events and enjoy them for years to come.

Advantages of panoLED LED Video Walls

Enhanced Visibility

Experience superior brightness and contrast offered by the panoLED modular LED display panels, ensuring enhanced visibility in a variety of event settings.

Customizable Configurations

One of the major advantages of panoLED is the flexible customization it allows. The LED advertising screen is comprised of modular components that can be designed to fit your needs and event space.

Efficient Setup

The panoLED large LED display screen offers an exceptionally quick and simple assembly process, thoughtfully designed to significantly reduce your setup time.
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Seamless Integration & Versatility

These LED advertising displays integrate seamlessly with our other display systems, including h-line, p-line and c-line, providing a cohesive visual experience for your trade show setup.

Energy Efficiency

The innovative panoLED LED displays use LED technology that consumes less power compared to traditional display solutions, making them a cost-efficient and eco-friendly option.


This LED display wall is specially designed with durability and longevity in mind, reducing the need for frequent replacements so you can enjoy your display for years to come.
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Technical Specifications

As trade show booth builders, we understand that the perfect custom trade show exhibit can be a powerful tool for standing out at trade shows and other events. Discover the numerous ways in which a customized booth can have a meaningful impact for your business:

Display Resolution

Panoramic Displays' LED wall solutions offer superior image quality and resolution for your trade show events and more. The panoLED displays are crafted to deliver high-definition resolution for clear, vibrant images that dazzle your audience and make a powerful first impression.

Size Options

We understand that no two trade show booths are the same. The panoLED digital signage displays are designed with versatility and customization in mind, available in various dimensions to accommodate your unique layout preferences, design style as well as space requirements.

Pixel Pitch

For a video wall system like panoLED, optimizing the pixel pitch is crucial to achieving the best visual quality for various viewing distances and settings, such as trade shows. The panoLED displays are designed to provide crystal clear, stunning images for all usages.

Power Consumption

The panoLED video wall display panels use less power than traditional video walls. The LED technology is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their electricity usage and ecological footprint. With panoLED, this is possible without needing to sacrifice on quality.

Modular Components

Our video wall solutions are skillfully designed for quick assembly and easy, flexible configuration changes. The advantageous modular design allows for a simple setup process that only requires one person, while also lending itself to full customization and creative freedom.

What Makes panoLED the Ideal Solution for Your Exhibits?

Panoramic Displays' panoLED modular LED display panels make an unmissable statement. If you are looking to create a truly show-stopping visual display to showcase your brand or company in a unique way, panoLED is your answer. With the benefits of exceptional image quality, breathtaking color accuracy, impressive energy efficiency, easy tool-free setup and customization options, this ingenious video wall solution is the perfect piece to elevate your next trade show or event.

Simple PanoLED LED Wall Setup Process

Thanks to its innovative modular design comprising multiple screens, the setup process of panoLED displays walls is extraordinarily straightforward, with a simple step-by-step assembly that is easily accomplishable by one or two people in a short period of time. This design allows for easy connection of panels without the need for tools. With lightweight, user-friendly components that are crafted for easy transportation and efficient assembly, the panoLED LED walls are the ideal choice for accommodating various event requirements and needs.
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Our panoLED Modular LED Display Panels for Your Next Event?


At Panoramic Displays, our goal is simple: to help you create a truly unique and visually stunning trade show or event display that puts the spotlight on your brand or company. We are expert trade show booth designers and manufacturers, and specialize in innovative modular systems that prioritize seamless images without the interruption of aluminum profiles, helping to keep the focus on your brand's visual components. The panoLED LED display panel video wall is the perfect addition to your setup, offering superior image quality and color accuracy to WOW potential customers or clients at first glance.

Experience the most pleasing video wall display monitors and visual display with the added benefits of easy assembly, easy takedown, reusability, re-configurability and so much more. At Panoramic Displays, our team offers exceptional service and support, and we are ready to help design a stunning setup that speaks for itself. Contact us today to learn more about panoLED and discover a new way to exhibit!

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