How to Effortlessly Set Up Your H-line Trade Show Booth in Under an Hour: A Professional Guide

March 29, 2024

Finding the perfect display set-up to advertise your business at trade shows and events is an important part of your marketing strategy. You want something that captures the attention of potential clients and gets them interested in the products or services you're offering. Finding unique trade show exhibit booth displays that are both beautiful to look at as well as practical to set up and take down can be difficult to find, but not with panoramic H-line pop up displays. A custom H-line booth design can be easily assembled by one person in under an hour, and come conveniently shipped with all necessary components and accessories in one crate. This blog will explore the various features that make H-line trade show booths the perfect solution for your brand, and how they have revolutionized the trade show world.

What Are H-line Trade Show Displays?

Our panoramic H-line portable trade show displays are a new, revolutionary way of displaying your brand, products and services at events. Mix and match pre-assembled frame modules, including TV stands, tabletop displays, secure storage, counters and other booth furniture, and design a fully tailored and customized display solution! Our exhibit booth essentials and modular options are designed to attract attention and give your brand a professional trade show set-up. To learn more about our H-line trade show booths, click here.

Setting Up Your Custom H-line Trade Show Displays

Our H-line trade show displays are completely modular, allowing for easy assembly by just one person, typically within less than an hour. Each H-line frame module comes packed, shipped and delivered with your brand's graphics already pre-installed, meaning you just need to connect them. With a tool-free and intuitive set-up process, H-line helps you and your business save precious time, energy and money. The external shipping crate dimensions are 34”w x 97”l x 60”h and can be loaded and off-loaded with a lift gate or ramp.

What You'll Find Inside

Equipment & Accessories: Inside your shipping crate, you will find everything you need to set up your customized trade show display booth. Avoid the hassle of travelling with several crates, boxes or separate components and enjoy the convenience of having everything you need in one place.

Set-Up Instructions: No guesswork is necessary for our custom trade show displays! You will find a detailed instruction booklet inside your crate alongside your equipment and accessories, containing an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to assemble your unique trade show booth.

Display Components with Set-Up Order Indicated: The modular display components of your custom display booth are neatly packed in the shipping crate and are clearly marked with numbers, indicating the correct order of set-up. We have made it as simple as possible for you to put together!

Hassle-Free Set-Up Features

Graphics Pre-Installed on Frames: The modules of your trade show displays come shipped and ready to assemble with graphics already pre-installed on their frames. This allows you to focus on simply connecting the modules together, ensuring a hassle-free process for you.

Simple & Tool-Free Assembly: Forgot your set of tools at home? No problem. Our custom h-line trade show displays require no tools or equipment for assembly. Everything you need to get your branded set-up ready for your event comes packed inside!


Profile Covers Hide Visible Profiles: You will find profile covers that easily fit over corners and joining points between modules, ensuring no visible profiles and a stunning, seamless visual experience. Let your business' branding and captivating graphics take center stage.

LED Lights With Quick Lock Fasteners: Our LED lights easily twist and lock into place without the use of special tools or equipment, and provide your booth with a sleek and elegant lighting source that puts the spotlight on your branding and graphics - literally.

Shelf Attachments: Easily add extra storage or unique product display options for your brand's trade show booth by integrating shelving into your set-up design. With tool-free integrated attachments on the modules, floating shelves attach seamlessly and with little effort to your display.

TV's Are Secured: Add unique multi-media features to your trade show booth and captivate your audience with complete peace of mind. Accessories such as TV monitors and more are securely fastened to the modular display and locked to ensure they don't budge.

Furnished Storage Area: A furnished storage area allows you to discreetly store any extra materials, products or personal belongings for the duration of the event. The storage area is securely locked, ensuring your valuables are kept safe.

Locked Under-Counter Space: A locked counter element within your set-up creates an easily accessible space for passersby to view your products or grab a business card, while a locked under-counter space allows for extra storage that is discreet and secure.

Let Panoramic Displays Show You How H-line Wears Your Brand

At Panoramic Displays, our H-line trade show displays are a full turnkey modular exhibit solution for your brand that includes design, fabrication, storage, delivery, set-up and dismantling. If you are looking to revamp your trade show and event display set-up, the H-line range is for you. See how an H-line booth kit looks with your unique branding or receive a personalized design of your very own custom display configuration. Contact us today to request a free, no obligation booth concept proposal!

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